Tucson’s own Ayurvedic inspired Personal Chef

DishForDosha.com – Personal Chef Cecilia Arosemena has been a commercial producer of Ayurvedic recipes serving clients in the american South West.  She  is very persistent and devoted to put into action the principles she has learned along her journey, and believes in. The Chef holds a clear vision and hope for her guests so that people can optimize their general health by eating consciously. The powerful enthusiasm that propels Dish for Dosha is the certainty of leading and empowering to engage in a lifestyle that rewards self-nurturing with measurable essential benefits.

Alejandra Platt

AlejandraPlatt.com – Artistic Photographer currently working on a project titled “The Five Elements”.  Her work as a fine-art photographer is recognized internationally and has been featured recently at several Universities.

https://confluencenter.arizona.edu/a-world-separated-by-borders – … the landscape between Arizona and Sonora in an exhibit at Arizona State Museum (on the University of Arizona campus); co-presented by UA’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.

SWID – McKnight led

InstituteOfDefense.com –   Is an instructional entity based out of Colorado – J. D. McKnight uses a combination of classroom, applied experience, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience to provide the student with a structured learning environment course. The classroom and a safe, comprehensive hands-on range experience enable the students to continue to teach themselves. Experienced shooters will be individually instructed in advanced techniques, while being encouraged to progress at their own rate. All students will learn a common skill set that includes target, self-defense, and combat practical exercises.